All Is Right

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Think about what we are witnessing here – The nation is addicted to cheap money as much as it is addicted to hedonism and vice and yet the Fed cannot pull the plug or more aptly, cut off the supply of the drug for fear of killing the patient. Our political leaders cannot cut a measly 2 pennies out of a dollar’s worth of spending without telling us that Armageddon is about to occur; the madman running N. Korea is working on intermediate range nuclear missiles and is even disturbing its only ally, China by so doing; Gasoline prices are topping $5.00 in some locales; Social security tax increases are hitting the entire working population and further scrimping already dwindling disposable income; health care costs are going UP not DOWN as we were assured that they would be once the grossly misnamed “Affordable Health Care” act was deceitfully rammed through Congress; we’ve got surveillance drones flying all over the damned country spying on us and yet everything is just peachy keen…
I have said it before and will say it again as much as it pains me to do so; America is going the way of ancient Rome as surely as the sun rises in the East. The Fed is doing the modern version of coin clipping. What is next, price controls under edict of death for merchants who hike them? No worries however – the stock market is rising so all is right with the world. [...] Read more… 168 more words

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